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How hard is it to ride an E-Bike?

Riding an E-Bike is just like riding a bicycle, with one important difference a small electric motor assists you when you pedal an when you apply the throttle.  This makes riding a bike so much more enjoyable and easier for most people.  Watch Video

Where Can I ride?

You can ride for miles and miles along the Kapaa "multiuse" Bike Path, or anywhere in the Kapaa area.  Please stay on regular roads or bike paths.  If you want to ride off road or where on steeper hills, you can rent one of our electric mountain bikes with a more powerful motor, and a larger battery with off-road tread and fat tires for better traction and performance.

Can I ride E-Bike on Streets and Bike Paths?

Can I test drive an E-Bike?

Yes. You can ride an E-Bike anywhere you can ride a regular bike. However you are limited to less than 15mph on bike paths.  Please be courteous to bicycles and pedestrians. Share the road and "Share Aloha!" Please stay on bike paths or start to the right on streets.

Can I rent in other locations?

Yes. We offer FREE test drives at our facility in Kapaa in the Coconut Marketplace.  Come on in a try one out here before you rent. See how easy it is to ride an E-Bike... Watch Video

What do I need to rent an E-Bike?

Currently we are only serving the Kapaa area. But we will be adding two more locations in Kauai, Hanalei and Poipu.

You will need a major credit card and a driver's license or other government ID. In addition to the rental fee we will place a temporary charge for a safety & damages deposit. You will also need to sign our insurance waiver before renting.

Who Can Rent an E-Bike?

Anyone at lease 14 years or older and who can demonstrate adequate biking skills at the time of check out. At least one member of the party must be an adult with a valid driver's license and credit card.

Can I rent for more than one day?

Yes you can rent for more than one day, but you will need to return the E-Bike each night so we can charge it up for you. Simply make a reservation for each of the days you'd like to rent the bike(s).

Do the bikes have a way to carry cargo?

Yes. You can add on a convenient Cargo Pack for the EZ Cruiser bikes that provide a place to carry iPhones, swim suites, towels or other personal items, including a small picnic for two.

Does EZ Bikes provide  maps?

Yes, we provide a link to a google map for your mobile phones that will help you navigate around town or on the Bike Path.

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